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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Salads & Sun Drenchers.

I've never really gotten into salads. Weird, huh? My problem with them is that it takes so many ingredients to make it taste really good... which means a little more work then I'd like. And, salad dressings are notorious for being crap in bottles.

But, after I saw this video on Green Smoothie Girl... and went to their website and read all about it... I had to order the Sun Drenchers salad dressing right away... and give them the old college try (thanks to Shayne, I've added that phrase into my repertoire).

The salad dressing is amazing... and it should be at $10.99 a bottle. No worries, I go way easy on my dressings. But now I usually have a big ole salad for lunch, followed by a Shrek Shake for afternoon snack. How's that for some awesome raw, whole foods?!

I'm diggin mine with romaine lettuce, corn, peas, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, beans, sprouts, sweet peppers and carrots.

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