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Saturday, October 30, 2010

belly bites by week: 6th addition

it's the end of the month and i'm out of money... but i think i managed fairly well with what I had on hand. so glad i didn't have to revert to ramen... which was recommended to me by my facebook friends. and so, sooo glad that my coconut oil arrived in the mail - which I had forgotten I ordered - just in time to make some granola since i ran out of steel cut oats for breakfast. so between that and spiced pumpkin oatmeal, we were good for breakfast.

sunday, 24th

monday, 25th

tuesday, 26th

wednesday, 27th

thursday, 28th
double dave's
{seems to be our pick lately, must be the cookie dough pizza...}

friday, 29th

saturday, 30th
{indulging to get ready for our cash budget next month, yikes!}

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