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Saturday, January 22, 2011

WHAT I buy & WHERE I get it...

I get a lot of questions on where I buy my stuff. So, I thought I'd compile from my spreadsheets where I get everything and how much. I'm not saying this is the cheapest place you can buy some of this stuff... but I've found what works best for me and not hauling all around town shopping all day to do so.

I hate grocery shopping, so some of the 'specialty items' I have just gone straight to Amazon. Which often times, it's cheaper then what's at the store and I now have free 2-day shipping with my Amazon Mom Prime account. Score. Sure beats going from store to store.

{i'll fill in more of the prices when I get a chance...}

agave nectar - costco 2-23.5oz at $6.99
almonds - costco - 3lbs/$9.69
ancho chilis - walmart - _lb. bag [usually in produce or ethnic aisle]
barley - sprouts
black beans - sprouts - bulk
brown rice, short grain - sprouts - bulk
brown rice syrup
cacao - central market
cashews - sprouts - bulk
chia seeds - central market
chickpea [flour] - sprouts - bulk
chipotle in adobo - grocery - ethnic aisle in by latin stuff
coconut [shredded] - sprouts - bulk
coconut oil, virgin & unrefined - mountain rose herbs - 1 gallon/$44.00
cornmeal - sprouts - bulk
craisins - sprouts - bulk
cremini [baby bellas] - costco - $3.99
date syrup - OrganicsAreForEveryone - 12.3 oz jar/$9.99
dates, med jool - costco - 2lbs/$7.99
earth balance - sprouts/kroger marketplace -
flaxseed - sprouts - bulk $0.89/lb
flour, rye - sprouts/kroger marketplace -
flour, whole wheat -
flour, whole wheat pastry -
hazelnuts - sprouts
lentils - sprouts
liquid aminos, braggs - sprouts/amazon - 32 oz./$5.24
liquid smoke - walmart by bbq sauces
maple sugar - amazon - 25 oz./$16.65
maple syrup - costco -
milk, almond - sprouts/amazon -
milk, rice - costco - 12-32 oz./$15.99
millet - sprouts - bulk
millet, puffed - sprouts/kroger marketplace -
nutritional yeast - amazon - 6-5oz./$28.10 {split with my Mom}
oats (rolled not instant) - sprouts/grocery
pepperoncini - grocery {next to pickles}
quinoa - sprouts - bulk
shiitake - sprouts/kroger marketplace
shoyu, nama - amazon - 32 oz./$21.99
soyrizo - sprouts -
steel cut oats - sprouts -
sucanat - central market
sun-dried tomatoes - sprouts
sunflower seeds - sprouts - bulk
tahini - sprouts - $5.29
tofu - sprouts/grocery
tortillas, multi-grain & whole wheat - central market
tvp - sprouts - bulk
vegenaise - sprouts/central market/kroger marketplace
vegetable broth powder - dr. fuhrman or make it
vital wheat gluten - grocery by bread making/flour
wheat germ - sprouts - bulk

And here's what I pick up on a regular monthly basis at the stores...

bakery: bread, sandwich thins

produce: apples, pears, bell peppers, sweet peppers, carrots and/or snack carrots, cremini mushrooms, broccoli, baby spinach, mixed greens, clementines, cherry tomatoes, bananas, avocados, dates

freezer: strawberries, mixed berries, peaches, raspberries, blueberries, broccoli, corn

aisle: natural peanut butter, almond butter, honey, agave nectar, maple syrup, nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts & pine nuts), black beans, diced tomatoes,

snack: zone clif bars, "Simply Fruit" all-natural fruit roll-ups, Annie's bunnies snack packs, fruit leather

Central Market
bakery whole wheat & multi-grain tortillas, any other random stuff I need

... is a 'farmers market' chain store that I love! It's got great prices, is only a few miles away, and I like supporting my more local growers. I usually buy all my bulk stuff here once a month, as needed. Especially when they have their 25% off bulk buys... I usually only try to buy the bulk and produce [although, sometimes it's hit or miss due to what's in season]. The stuff that you can buy at a regular grocery store is usually more expensive here.

While I hate going here... you really can't find better deals on their canned stuff - which I usually buy a flat of when I go. I also buy my toiletries and other house items here. So, I usually can get away with going here only every couple of months. Hallelujah!
Aisle items: beans: black, red, northern, chickpeas & pinto (while I try to make my own & freeze them... it's always nice to have some on hand ), hominy, artichoke hearts, fire roasted tomatoes, green chilis, pepperoncini, tofu, pickles, pasta, almond milk, jams, vinegars, pimentos, olive oils...
Hope this helps!!


  1. oh thank you so much! this was so helpful

  2. I absolutely LOVE this post - I was telling Brandon the other day, whenever I do get to being more hard core - all of the work has already been done for me and I feel SO LUCKY! I have files full of great recipes and NOW I even know where to shop for my stuff. THANKS SO MUCH!

  3. I was recently directed to your blog by a friend and can I just say THANK YOU!!! I have wanted to feed my family like this for a year or two now but I've gotten so overwhelmed. I just spent 4 hours scouring your blog and printing off a TON of recipes!! I'm so excited and SO grateful for all your hard work and dedication to this!!

  4. YOU ROCK JEN!!! I was at one of my doc appts downtown last night and stopped by Whole Foods to try to find a couple of the ingredients I can't find local. I can't tell you how excited I was that there was this list when I opened your blog on my phone! THANK YOU! Got my Tahini, Brown Rice Syrup, Cocao Nibs, Braggs and Sucanat. Ready to try your latest pasta dish now! Love you!

  5. Okay, so one I didn't see and have looked ALL over is Tamari...and i've looked...Walmart, Kroger, HEB, I don't have a close Whole Foods...other suggestions? Of perhaps online!

  6. They have it in all the regular stores here, by the soy sauce. But you can get on Amazon too. Good luck!


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