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Monday, November 16, 2015

Simple Tomato and Mushroom Pasta. {DeliciouslyElla}

This pasta has easily become my favorite. Deliciously Ella basically sold me on it with her introduction on Instagram... I'm pretty sure I was drooling as I laid in bed and laid my eyes upon it. Just like the name - simple - but so yummy.

"This is one of favourite winter recipes this year. Pasta has always been my comfort food; whenever I’m feeling a bit tired after a long day I head straight to this or a bowl of pesto pasta! This has a good three portions of veggies, so it makes me feel good, but it’s also just the easiest thing in the world and it’s so comforting and warming – plus it doesn’t feel scarily healthy, which is never what you want when you’re not feeling your best! The sautéed garlic, chill, paprika and miso adds a beautiful flavour to the sautéed tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach, which then perfectly coats the pasta in deliciousness."

4 servings of pasta, about 300g (I use brown rice pasta)
1 packet of cherry tomatoes (about 250g)
1 and a half packets of chestnut mushrooms (about 350-400g)
1/2 a packet of spinach (about 100g)
5 cloves of garlic
3 heaped teaspoons of tomato puree
2 teaspoons of brown miso paste
1 teaspoon of chili flakes
1 teaspoons of paprika
salt and pepper
Optional – 1/2 a lemon

Chop the tomatoes into quarters and the mushrooms into slices.
Put the pasta on to cook.
Peel the garlic and crush it into a pan with a glug of olive oil, salt and pepper. Let this heat for a few minutes until it’s bubbling. Then add in the tomatoes, mushrooms, chilli and paprika. Let this cook for about five minutes, until it’s all soft.
At this point stir in the spinach, tomato puree and miso and let the spinach wilt.
Once the pasta has cooked and been drained, then stir the sauce into the pasta.
Squeeze the lemon on top, if you’re using it, and add a little salt and lots of black pepper to finish.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Honey Glazed Granola {Nutty4Nutrition}

This stuff is the best! I love that it's more nuts and less granola... unlike a lot of granola and lighlty sweetened. And it doesn't hurt that it's laced with the memory of Carrie and I devouring the bag she made while at a women's conference at church. I was mumbling through - talking with my mouth full, nuts stuck in my teeth - asking her whose recipe it was. Turns out I pinned the exact one months ago. Huh. Who knew people actually made the stuff they pinned. 

1 and 1/2 cups of nuts and seeds of your choice (I used almonds, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin and sunflower seeds).
1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1/4 cup organic honey, maple syrup or coconut nectar
1 and 1/2 tablespoon melted coconut oil
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1 tablespoon hemp hearts (optional)
1/4 cup dried fruit (I used cranberries)

Pulse larger nuts in a food processor just to break them up a little bit.
Place in a bowl and mix with all other ingredients except your hemp hearts and dried fruit.
Place in parchment paper and bake at 325•F for 12-15 minutes.

Once your mixture is cool, break apart to make it nice and loose and add your hemp and dried fruit.