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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Morgan's Veggie Burgers

You know when you find a new recipe, and you think it's going to be the cure-all and the end-all and fabulous?! because it looks good and it's healthy, I mean real healthy?!?! And you get super excited?!? Especially in this meat downsizing house that I'm in. And then you make it and it totally doesn't live up to it's expectations? Yeah... that's how I felt about this one. They were good. But it just wasn't beef. Shayne said it perfectly when he explained that he supports this half-vegetarian thing... but don't try to make stuff that's suppose to be meat - nonmeat. Totally got it. And totally agree. Especially not our burgers!!
{sandwich thins, avocado, sprouts & pepper jack}
steak fries
{romaine, red cabbage, sprouts, carrots, tomatoes, sunflower seeds}

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  1. These are our absloute favorite veggie burgers!! From Guy Fieri, right?


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