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Friday, July 16, 2010

Fuhrman Fudgecream.

With this whole new lifestyle change - I've always wondered how we'll get around the icecream thing. I just figured that'd be one of my 10% things... and I'd have to just deal with the belly ache. 

Not so Joe. Enter this awesome stuff. All healthy ingredients and it's awesome. The cashews are one of the tricks that vegans get their creamy into something. And it totally works in this. 

I put them in old baby food containers and have little individual portions for my kids... and me.

Oh, and if anyone knows me - knows how much I love me some banana icecream with brownies from Coldstone... this just so happens to be the greatest compromise ever for me! ;)

I'm not saying it's going to totally trump regular icecream or frozen yogurt... I'm not crazy (least I don't think so!). But I am saying this is a guilt-free way to do it! Trust me, Coldstone will still always have a special place in my heart and my belly!

2 ripe bananas
1 cup cashew nuts
2 tablespoons carob powder (or cocoa powder)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 - 1/2 cup almond milk (i love the unsweetened vanilla flavor)

Blend ingredients together in blender or food processor. Pour into containers to freeze. Yum!

{This recipe was originally made for fudgsicles, but those are far too messy for me. To make the messy pops you follow the above, minus the milk and spoon into ice pop trays to freeze.}

Disease-Proof Your Child
Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD
page 208


  1. I thought this was pretty good. I was so surprised that both my kids didn't like it. Whatever.

  2. oh my goodness so i tasted before putting it in the freezer and it was so good! it was yummy! like a really good pudding. it going to be a must have in this house. plus so easy to make!

  3. I know right?!?! That was the first homemade kinda-like-icecream thing I had that was vegan and I was like… “I can SO do this vegan stuff!”

  4. Hey do you soak your cashews first?


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