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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Icecream CUPcones.

For her birthday Ava wanted cupcakes and icecream.
And I didn't want to have to buy plates and spoons.
So, ingeniousness struck, and I came up with
icecream cupcones!

I've seen the ones that have the cake baked right in them... but have you seen any with icecream on the bottom, and a cupcake up on top?
I sure have not.
And I know, because I searched pinterest.
We know that if they're not on pinterest...
then they just do not exist.

 Not to disappoint my girl for the 7th greatest day of her life, I got to work. The day before the party I stuffed the bottom of the cones with vanilla icecream (Boring, I know. But her party, her pick).
Used an IKEA wire drawer as my stand. Put that whole thing in the freezer.
Then made the cupcakes using this divine cake recipe. Put a thin layer of chocolate frosting to serve as glue for the crumbled up Butterfingers, coconut M&M's, Nestle Crunch, Reese's Pieces and almonds I put up on top.
Put the cupcake toppers on, and waited for birthday cake time.
When cake time came, I pulled the icecream cones out of the freezer then nestled the cupcakes in there.
A perfect fit...
As if the cupcake was made for the cone.
Added the sparkler candles and a
total hit!!
And totally cute... if I do say so myself!!
(can't a girl do a little bragging when ingeniousness strikes? Because we all know it ain't too often! ;)

A perfect amount of cake...
 and then some cool icecream to wash it all down.
I got the Angry Bird cupcake toppers here.

By-the-way, these are totally not plant-based.
We tend to stray for birthdays.


  1. Brag away! Those are very cool! Great idea! ;)

  2. brooke, thanks for letting me indulge in myself for a minute! ;-)

  3. That is seriously the best idea ever!


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